Obsidian orgonite pendant 7 chakras

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This orgone has a real action on balancing the seven chakras.

Protect yourself from electronic pollution from local wireless networks, 3, 4 and 5 G antennas, mobile phones while harmonizing your chakras with this elegant pendant.

The various analyzes carried out clearly show that orgonite does have an influence on the electromagnetic frequencies surroundings, but also on negative thoughts and emotions, by harmonizing and energizing the vital energy field.

The properties of orgonite

At the beginning of the 20th century, the studies of Dr Wilhelm Reich put forward the principle he called "Orgone" which is in fact known and for centuries millennia and called "Chi, Prana, or vital energy" by the initiates of spiritual societies. But for the first time a scientist declared, through his studies, the reality of an energy source of all life. This discovery was of course discredited by the scientific committee of the epoch.

Karl Hans Welz and Don Croft continued his work on orgonite by improving the proportions of materials in the matrix . 50% organic matter (resin) and 50% inorganic matter (crystals, metals). Orgonite stone, the only man-made stone, transforms negative "DOR" energy into positive "POR" energy. While strictly respecting these proportions in the matrix, energy additions can be added:

  • Healing Stones
  • Sacred Symbols
  • Positive intention

Healing Stones used

The group of piezoelectric stones

Lhas property piezoelectric of stones of the quartz family (Rock crystal) offers to this group of crystals, when they are subjected to pressure, a continuous and tenfold activation of their vibrational field. As the resin dries, it shrinks and puts the crystalline stones under continuous pressure.

Crystal Stone

Amethyst: stimulates spiritual elevation, concentration and promotes meditation. It is the stone of creativity, clarity of mind and serenity. It calms anxieties and anger. It works on the crown chakra, Sahasrara, the 7th chakra.

Other Healing Stones

Lapis lazuli:Stone of communication, it is directly attached to the throat chakra. It opens to honesty, compassion and righteousness. The relief of headaches and sleep disorders or dizziness and its benefits on breathing, the throat and the nervous system are mentioned in lithotherapy. It works on the 3rd eye chakra, Ajna, the 6th chakra.

Turquoise: tunes the body and the energies around it. Soothes and calms anger and stimulates empathy. Turquoise develops personal fulfillment. Through the throat chakra promotes letting go, and promotes communication and listening. Placed on the 3rd eye, it helps develop intuition and intensifies meditation.Placed on the heart chakra, it vibrates in love and friendship. It works on the throat chakra, Vishuddha, the 5th chakra.

Green Aventurine: Works on anxiety and shyness. It contributes to the development and blossoming of the mind. It makes energy flow more freely, bringing serenity to the heart and mind which, thanks to it, can see the bright side of life. It opens up to self-understanding. It works on the heart chakra, Anahata, the 4th chakra

Topaz:It acts like a battery, it recharges physically and spiritually. It develops personal charisma and self-confidence and sincere generosity. It helps to identify one's own talents. It works on the solar plexus chakra, Manipura, the 3rd chakra.

Tiger's Eye: Protector of bad luck and negative. The stone blocks the way to negative thoughts in a mirror effect. Worn as jewelry, it promotes good vibes and helps creativity. Tiger's eye helps not to take on the emotions of others. It accompanies in the quest for oneself, and brings courage and audacity, strengthens self-confidence and harmonizes friendly and romantic relationships. Tiger's eye is associated with the sun (self-confidence, generosity and ambition). It works on the sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, the 2nd chakra and the solar plexus chakra, Manipura, the 3rd chakra.

Red Jasper: Symbol of rebirth, stone of action and initiative, ideal for those who bring a project to fruition. An anchor stone, it stimulates the 1st chakra, warms the body and soothes in difficult situations. It works on the root chakra, Muladhara, the 1st chakra

The eighth stone, Stone of Light: This mysterious mineral gives off a pale blue glow in the dark, believed by some to be the souls of the dead. The stones glow soft blue in the dark. They are charged with rays by natural or artificial light, and illuminate the night for a few hours. Which makes this pendant even more magical.

The base of this orgone Obsidian: It is a powerful stone of protection that quickly acts as a shield, a bulwark against negative energies.

In lithotherapy, it is the stone that protects the most against the evil eye, evil spells and all the surrounding negative energies and which increases mental strength tenfold on a daily basis

The Sri Yantra

Sri yantra chiseled in coppery gold leaf.

Of the 960 listed yantra, the shri yantra is the most famous. For yogis, it is both a support for concentration and a symbolic representation of the link between microcosm and macrocosm. Structured in 9 levels from the outside to the inside, it thus constitutes a symbolic representation of the event.More information on the Shri yantra


  • 50% Inorganic Elements
  1. Amethyst - 7th chakra
  2. Lapis lazuli - 6th chakra
  3. Turquoise - 5th chakra
  4. Green Aventurine - 4th chakra
  5. Topaz - 3rd chakra
  6. Tiger eye - 2nd chakra
  7. Red Jasper - 1st Chakra
  8. Stones of Light
  9. Obsidian
  10. Copper shavings
  11. Energy patch: Sri yantra chiseled in coppery gold foil
  • 50% Organic Element
  1. Transparent crystalline resin of Organic Epoxy by its petrochemical constituents
  • Dimensions
  1. Diameter: 3.8cm
  2. Thickness: 1 cm
  3. Adjustable cord 46 to 64 cm
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Ajna chakra

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Fleur de lotus - Om

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Gayatri mantra

Gayatri Mantra : Le Gayatri mantra est un chant de délivrance. Il est en général récité 108 fois trois fois par jour, au lever du soleil, à midi et au crépuscule. Des multiples de 9 sont aussi recommandés. Le Gayatri Mantra inspire la sagesse en nous. Il ouvre le coeur, soulage des tensions intérieures et les transforme en paix. Le Gayatri mantra est considéré comme le Shri mantra, en d’autres termes, le mantra suprême qui nourrit la divinité en chacun. Il nous invite à être conscient de chaque pensée, parole, action et intention afin de donner et recevoir la Beauté dans chaque instant.... >>> lire la suite......

Maha mantra

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra - Maha Mantra - Le Grand Mantra surmontant la mort : Le Maha Mantra Mrityun Jaya, plus connu sous le nom de Tryambakam, est l’un des plus beaux, et surtout des plus puissants, Mantras sanskrits. Dédié à Shiva, on le considère à la fois comme un Mantra d’éveil, de purification karmique, d’immortalité et de guérison aux trois niveaux : mental, émotionnel et physique... >>> lire la suite......

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