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High-performance yoga clothing designed for practice and to last in ecological materials. An ideal outfit for yoga that meets the requirements of all yoga as well as the aspirations of modern, active women. High waisted yoga leggings, organic cotton yoga pants, women's yoga top and women's yoga tank top in feminine cuts with fabric extra soft, and high-performance.

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Women's yoga clothing: How to choose?

The word "yoga" means to connect, unite or "yoke". What we seek to connect to is the true Self, its "divine essence", "ultimate self", or atman.

We let go of what keeps us from feeling free, the ultimate goal of any yoga practice is to achieve moksha, which means liberation or freedom.

Yoga is a technique with wonderful physical and psychological benefits, but it is also meditative, spiritual and deep in its essence. It requires concentration and recollection of the senses, so that everyone is immersed in their own practice, thinking about each posture, their breathing, the sensation of the body and the attention they carry within them.

If there is "yoga clothing" recommended, it is not ready to wear, it's for everyone's comfort, to practice safely, without distractions or restrictions. a casual outfit that gives sufficient freedom of movement in the stretching.

Women's yoga clothing: What outfit to practice yoga?

Yoga is a practice, a philosophy of life that transforms and benefits all aspects of life, beyond the hour and a half spent on the yoga mat.

Both beginners and advanced yogi(s) do not need a special yoga clothing for practicing. A decathlon yoga leggings or a men's intersport yoga outfit does the job well. Cheap leggings, pants jogging , tracksuits, shorts for sports, bra are suitable sports outfits at all sporting activities.

You can also easily find loose or tight yoga tops, sleeveless, long sleeve or short sleeve in any shop that advertises yoga clothes or yoga clothes online but who are actually targeted sportswear for women's fitness or yoga fitness.You can dress there in trendy fashion push or sexy, in sportswear or gym in mind sport yoga but nothing that links you to a yoga practice done in consciousness

Yoga clothing brand

However, a yoga outfit that envelops you in a special yoga universe vibrating with positive, spiritual and energizing energy radically changes your feelings during the practice. We are far from fashion clothing for fitness or synthetic fabric yoga leggings based on polyamide, polyester or nylon. The flashy women's leggings, extra tight multi-color and the sport leggings, tights for running are not really in resonance with between others hatha yoga. The theme sought, the quest is the connection to Atma by grace and purity in a reminder of sacred texts and symbols.

You obviously have to keep some of their qualities to to practice yoga or the Pilates in women's clothing comfortable. Women's yoga pants as well as lyoga leggings should keep elasticated waist, a fabric with quick-dry and if possible a seamless cut. If there are seams they must be soft and resistant to friction. Women's clothing for the yoga and pilates are sportswear that meet the needs of the practice, and the desires of the modern woman who no longer wants to live her spirituality in absolute austerity, while respecting environmental and human ethical values.

They must therefore provide comfort and breathability for a pleasant practice. In other words you must choose the right size to be fitted in your outfit in an elastic waist with a fair compression to hips and buttocks.The yoga clothes are either pure cotton either in organic cotton mixed with a small percentage of lycra so that they are enough stretch and thus accompany all your stretching in your asanas or postures

The Achamana Spirit "A sip of hallowed water"

For a fulfilling yoga session we are convinced that feeling good in yoga clothing is decisive. Feeling beautiful, graceful, and honored in a women's yoga outfit comfortable, soft, and stylish connects you to your Feminine. An eco responsible yoga clothing that makes sense ecological, practical and spiritual is totally in line with the yoga spirit.

Among the clothing brands it is this spirit of seeking harmony and connection that marks the commitment of our online shop www.achamana.com. Not just a chic yoga outfit, but an outfit that brings together all the qualities of comfort, elegance, refinement and spirituality at the service of a yoga session that nourishes body and mind.

The ideal yoga outfit

The ideal yoga clothing is the one that allows you to forget it in the asanas, behaving like a second skin.

A good yoga clothes for women and men must be made of natural materials guaranteeing both a soft touch and a extensibility enough to support your stretching and extensions in postures. The softness of organic yoga clothing in bamboo or organic cotton is incomparable. realize and not want anything else to play sports.

Women's yoga clothing - Organic yoga clothing - Achamana

Whether for a women's yoga top or leggings, t-shirt or yoga pants man, the fabric used must be suitable for the use.

The yoga nidra or a gentle yoga will prefer a t-shirt of loose and breathable yoga in natural materials, and a large yoga pants in viscose or in organic cotton a flowing yoga garment flow comfort

For a dynamic yoga you will find in our intense Yog collection a range of seamless clothing, integrated skirt leggings , tank tops performing yoga. These garments are made of technical fabric which is sweat-wicking and very stretchy to stay dry and perform inverted positions in safety in total comfort. They are suitable for all styles and particularly for the practice of Bikram, hot yoga, vinyasa yoga or addicted yoga.

The yoginis practicing hatha ou Ashtanga appreciate our Top yoga om and lotus, yoga t-shirt with built-in bra for better concentration in the your posture alignments or asana .

A collection for the Kundalini yoga, white yoga clothes in cotton organic or mixed with a zest of spandex, for energyelasticity Ces clothing suitable for Shakti yoga or Chakra yoga also very suitable for other styles.

Organic cotton yoga pants - yoga leggings

You have the choice between cotton yoga pants flared legs or straight cut, high waisted yoga leggings, seamless yoga leggings, yoga harem pants and capri leggings pants. All are 100% organic cotton or very rich in cotton mixed with a tiny proportion of elastane, very soft and comfortable to wear.

Women's yoga t-shirt - Women's yoga top

You will find long-sleeved cotton yoga t-shirt, short-sleeved T-shirt with round neck or V sleeve yoga sweatshirt three-quarter, 100% organic t-shirts. Dvest top with integrated bras, vyoga vests and hooded sweatshirt.

Yoga clothing: Buddhist symbol

A yoga jacket with hood and drawstring, a sport jacket, man woman with a beautiful Om mandala on the back to get warm from the yoga room or from a Bikram Casual model , sportyand zen.

A yoga scarf, embroidered here and there, with the gayatri mantra deva premal in printed Sanskrit, for you envelop in his blessing during your meditations.

A meditation shawl embroidered and painted with seven chakras beautiful on you or as a hanging to dress up an altar or a reiki cabinet .

Women's yoga clothing: Opinion and conclusion

Clothes should be body yoga apparel and allow you to move freely, do stretching, extension, push forward, backward, stay a few minutes of relaxation, sitting cross-legged, raising your arms, bending your legs and all the things we do in yoga. But our outfits are more than that, we strive to create or constantly find organic yoga clothing that diffuses grace, love and energy.

For inspired yoga see the handcrafted product of our Om and Sacred Symbols collection. Beautiful hand-painted spiritual works representing chakras, lotus, mudra. Mantra in Sanskrit and Chin mudra printed, embroidered chakra diffuse a soft and particular energy which will contribute to raise your vibrations during yoga class.

Welcome to the world of high-performance, spiritual organic yoga with a lifestyle and very feminine style. Tops of women's yoga that you can wear harmoniously in town with a pair of jeans or a pair of yoga leggings that you can match with a pair of sneakers or boots. You are dressed and ready for any occasion.