Non-slip and ecological yoga mat for dynamic yoga

A dynamic yoga mat with a pattern on which you will enjoy practicing as in a personalized, soft and secure cocoon with positive vibrations. The common thread of all our natural yoga mats is the quest for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Yoga mat thickness from 1 to 5 mm.

Latex yoga mat, premium quality natural rubber

An eco yoga mat, non-slip by its base in natural rubber. Surface in neutral microfiber for a fabric yoga mat with an extra touch and exponential grip. The more you sweat, the more the grip intensifies! Holistic designs and spiritual patterns are on a mission to give you a special world of your own.

Non-slip and anti-perspiration yoga mat - 85% Natural - 15% microfiber

The combination of two sports mat materials, one natural, the other neutral for the environment and not harmful for healthy, comfortable and safe practice! No more slipping, the rubber gum clings to the ground like an octopus to a rock and the microfiber absorbs perspiration offering a grippy but fluid grip, it's a smart grip that adapts to the rate of humidity and perspiration.

natural rubber is extracted from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis (rubber tree). The inherent properties of the natural rubber and "suede" microfiber that go into making your Achamana Dynamic Yoga Mat are durability, natural resilience, and low maintenance.

Rubber has an enormous ability to capture carbon dioxide while being a leading socio-environmental agent. Its weak point is the negative impact on bio-diversity than its large-scale mono-culture, but all things considered, rubber remains, by far, more ecological and undoubtedly healthier for the environment and our health than PVC, plastic, EVA foam or vinyl.

Guaranteed free of solvents and additives or carcinogenic and toxic materials. Free of phthalates, PVC and azo dyes - Designs engraved with Eco-friendly water-based inks.

A microfibre yoga towel inserted on a natural rubber mat by thermo-heating... That's it! but it's a lot!

Non-slip yoga mat - natural rubber and suede - 7 chakras - Achamana

Eco-friendly non-slip sports floor mat - Grip, cushioning, inspiration

Doing yoga, pilates or fitness on a non-slip and durable mat made of dense natural rubber rubber guarantees stability and ease for a pleasant practice. Non-slip and sweat-wicking, the soft microfiber on the upper offers exceptional grip in wet or dry conditions. It's a grippy and fluid grip at the same time.

A premium eraser for a natural rubber pro yoga mat

A non-slip and durable yoga mat! Unlike many mats marketed under the natural rubber label, our rubber does not come from recycled tires. For obvious choices of mechanical properties, it is in premium quality in its first use in order to guarantee density, softness and flexibility for optimal cushioning in the service of a anti-shock floor mat.Exceptional comfort without being at the expense of the notion of balance essential for practicing yoga according to the rules of the art

Eco-friendly sports mat recyclable materials: a durable yoga mat that clings to dry or wet ground like an octopus on a rock.

A close friend who keeps you in positive energy by offering you an inspiring universe. A long-distance travel companion that does not bulge in the corners or become deformed. It remains flat and stable whatever the intensity and the environment of the practice.

Best Ashtanga and Bikram Yoga Mat

A non-slip, ecological and non-toxic yoga mat, particularly suitable for dynamic and breathable yoga styles such as Bikram (Hot Yoga), Vinyasa or Ashtanga. It is also ideal for gentle and more traditional yoga such as Hatha yoga or even gentler, Yin yoga.

For naturally dry hands and feet, it is preferable, at the start of the session, to spray a little water with a spray on the microfiber to have an immediate grip . Perspiration will take over from humidification.

Materials for sports mats: Combo of a rubber mat and a yoga towel

An absolutely non-slip bottom made of natural rubber, a super soft microfiber surface and a unique design - a beautiful hybrid of yoga mat and towel! The extra soft surface absorbs moisture providing exponential grip, the more you sweat the more grip you have. No more towel on top of the rug, no more wrinkles in the fabric, no more rug slipping under your feet or falling on a slippery surface.

Staying focused on a yoga posture, the breath and the alignments of the position is already a challenge in itself. Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed yogi, you will appreciate being free from the anxiety of losing your balance. Practice safely on a non-slip yoga mat!

Eco-friendly non-slip floor sports mat

Grip, cushioning, inspiration! Doing yoga, pilates or fitness on a non-slip and durable mat made of dense natural rubber rubber guarantees stability and ease for a pleasant practice. Non-slip and anti-perspiration, the soft microfiber offers an exceptional grip, catchy and fluid at the same time, in dry or wet conditions.

Non-Toxic Professional Yoga Mat - Recyclable and Biodegradable Materials

An ecological and non-toxic yoga mat that does not deform over time in use, which is adherent to the ground and under your feet while being 100% natural to the touch !

The dense natural rubber of this non-slip and anti-perspiration eco friendly yoga mat has an ideal thickness of 5mm to guarantee:

  • Optimal safety and comfort in all postures
  • Good cushioning to protect your joints
  • Notion of balance preserved in standing, inverted or triangle positions
  • Comfortable, soft and firm for floor asanas, including corpse pose

The natural rubber on the ground surface is dense and flexible at the same time It accompanies your movements while being firm enough for a posture made in the rules of the art. The rubber gum grips the floor perfectly.

The qualities of a non-slip and durable yoga mat

The proven qualities of suede microfiber for the practice of yoga:

  1. hypoallergenic: No allergic reactions with this work surface
  2. Thermal insulation: Low thermal conductivity. Your carpet will always have the right temperature and its texture, with an extra soft touch, is very pleasant underfoot.
  3. Absorbent: Good ability to absorb and wick away perspiration. A work surface that does not make sweat slippery.
  4. Non-slip: A smart, dry work surface, its smooth and extra soft side is deceiving. The more the microfiber is in contact with moisture, the more it becomes non-slip, in other words, the more there is perspiration, the more the grip intensifies. The inverted, standing and triangle yoga postures are safe.
  5. Not harmful: Neutral microfiber guaranteed to be free of carcinogenic or hazardous materials for the environment and health.
  6. Easy maintenance: Very easy to clean with a cloth and a bio spray solution using a spray.

The recognized qualities of rubber for practicing yoga:

  1. Anti-slip
  2. Cushioning: Ability to cushion falls
  3. Resilience: High resistance to temperature and bad weather
  4. Ease of maintenance

Rubber flooring is one of the so-called "soft" floor coverings. It is very popular in environments where safety is paramount, such as hospitals, retirement homes or in homes for the elderly. Laying a 4 mm thick rubber floor covering half the impact of a fall.

Why choose a rubber and microfiber mat:

In addition to the qualities of the two materials already mentioned,

  1. Eco-friendly anti-slip with carrying bag
  2. Large format with a width of 68 cm and a length of 1.83 m
  3. Resists abrasion and wear
  4. Naturally anti-slip, the upper surface benefits from a non-slip and absorbent coating (neutral in harmfulness) Barefoot or in slippers, no more slipping!
  5. Good traction and grip of the microfiber surface
  6. Inspiring design and positive energy
  7. Delivered with a carrying strap

Eco-friendly and non-toxic, non-slip, it is perfect for dynamic yoga sessions where sweat flows freely. It will meet the most demanding expectations of yogis and yoginis with intensive or regular practice and will be a great motivation for a beginner. It is suitable for all yoga styles and classes including gym exercises and fitness yoga or Pilates which favors floor exercises.

It has taken precedence over fitness floor mats and EVA or PVC foam mats among those who practice fitness, yoga pilate, gymnastics and have decided to buy a fitness mat for the room.

Why run away from the perfect yoga mat label for indoor sports?

Brands of yoga mat in tpe materials plastics, also used in the manufacture of the dustgo backpack:

  • egoiggo yoga mat
  • dustgo yoga mat
  • Intey tpe yoga mat
  • fitness mat yoga mat yogati

offer and are appreciated for their prices but not for the durability nor for the performance of a pro yoga mat that does not deform over the long term.

A yoga mat made of tpe plastic materials has brittle fibers and deforms as it is used. Its coating is structured, and the density much lower than natural rubber, therefore uncomfortable in sitting or lying positions. We will therefore not be able to find it in a price comparison:

  • Achamana, eco-friendly non-slip mat with bag
  • egoiggo yoga mat
  • dustgo yoga mat
  • Intey tpe yoga mat
  • fitness mat yoga mat yogati

Eco-friendly sports mat recyclable materials

A perfect yoga mat for sports, fitness for the room, gym and fitness yoga that is ecological and non-toxic
In 5 mm it is not a lightweight yoga mat, but in addition to doing yoga at home, you can still easily bring it to the studio, yoga center in group classes. For the foldable travel yoga mats, you can take them with you everywhere, on a trip, to the seaside, to the office. Do yoga, pilates or fitness wherever and whenever you want!

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