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Discover our models for high-performance yoga leggings. Rich in organic cotton, their breathable fabric has just the right amount of Spandex to be stretch and have good wicking properties. the sweat. Graceful and feminine cuts. Experience a yoga session in yoga clothing that exudes harmony and positive vibration.

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How to choose your yoga leggings, what are the selection criteria?

Not all leggings are suitable for yoga practice. There are ultra-trendy leggings specialized fitness, gym, jogging or for doing sports but which are not necessarily compatible for doing yoga.

We call them on the web, tight leggings, zumba, running fitness leggings, skirted yoga leggings and even Vip yoga leggings concerning yoga. A sportswear glamorous and latest trends with rhinestones and shine.

The yoga leggings and yoga pants have taken center stage in pop culture's current obsession with ultra-trendy fashion . The trendy look is on tight pants, but are they all suitable for a yoga practice that respects the values ​​of yoga?

A yoga leggings must have a compression suitable for optimal support and comfortable. In a nutshell, in the places that really need it, thighs, hips and buttocks, but without exaggeration Push up style. We all love support in very feminine shapes, but too much of it can lead to discomfort and distraction and take us away from the yoga spirit. Isn't the suggestion more graceful, feminine and comfortable, and therefore more honoring to your Feminine expression?

There must be a perfect balance between aspiration, inspiration and comfort. The right balance is not easy to achieve.

The leggings offered by achamana definitely strike that perfect balance between femininity, comfort and spirituality. They are comfortable but fitted, in a soft fabric mainly in ecological cotton or organic cotton, sufficiently quick-drying stretch. The objective is to go further in the yoga postures without suffering while being perfectly comfortable, relaxed and connected in an optimal concentration. A women's yoga leggings that reminds you that you are unique.

Yoga leggings: how to choose?

If you want to take care of your body, mind and soul, it is essential that the clothes you choose for practice are comfortable and pure. clothing should not be an obstacle, but should facilitate your movement. Just as yoga has the great quality of adapting to your needs and not the other way around, yoga clothing must also adapt perfectly to the type of exercise you are going to do and this also applies to clothing for pilates.

Whether you choose a style of dynamic yoga or prefer meditation, the clothes you wear should also be nice and comfortable a second skin to fully enjoy the practice, without distractions

Prefer a soft and stretchy material, fitted leggings. A clothing that is too tight will only expose your forms and the fear of not matching the criteria will disturb your concentration. trousers that are too loose will not allow you to blend in with your clothing and feel every millimeter gained in a position.

Best Yoga Leggings: Complete Guide 2019 - 2020

Most of us are used to choosing sportswear based on the style we like or color we like. Sure, it's important to feel confident and attractive, but performance shouldn't be forgotten. For a comfortable yoga practice, here are some qualities to prioritize.

  • Seamless
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Flattering
  • Single
  • Breathable
  • Wicking away perspiration
  • Comfort and great freedom of movement

The most essential thing is to feel good. You should not stop in the middle of the asanas to adjust the belt. The pants should not move and the fabric should not itch.

Common sweatpants are comfortable at home or at the gym, but in general they are not suitable for the yoga studio. They will in most cases be too loose and heavy, and certainly too hot for some styles of yoga. yoga pants should be light, aerodynamic and should not interfere with your postures, especially for a Vinyasa session , Hatha or Ashtanga yoga.

  • Properties and performance

Depending on the type of yoga, attention should be paid to the elastic properties, stretch, sweat evacuation and breathability .

Apart from hot yoga or Bikram, a pair of cotton-spandex yoga leggings perform best. It will feel soft and pleasant, while retaining its shape, letting you stretch and squat without fear of tearing your pants.

For hot yoga enthusiasts, synthetic leggings. The fabric will wick sweat and let your body dry quickly by adjusting its temperature after workout. However, a fabric with a high content of organic cotton mixed with nylon and elastane will have the same properties while having the advantage of not be 100% polyamide.

  • Durability

Nothing lasts forever..Impermanence... Sooner or later, you'll have to say goodbye to your favorite pair of leggings and start the quest to find a new one. However, the quality of manufacture and the natural materials used or not will make a clear difference in the duration.

gussets can extend the life of fitted yoga pants. A gusset is a small piece of fabric sewn into the crotch area. It helps to evenly distribute pressure around the crotch seams and gives a feeling of comfort.

  • Cut and style

There is definitely a lot more variety in yoga pants for women than for men But since the popularity of yoga among the male population is finally increasing, the men can also enjoy a wider selection of yoga equipment.

The fit and style you choose, whether leggings, straight, baggy pants or harem pants, depends from you. Just make sure your pants are the right length, not too tight or not too loose.

A tight fit will be more comfortable during a dynamic yoga session. You will appreciate having pants that move with you in the posture sequences. The Leggins with compression, in particular, will be beneficial, by their support of the joints, and a correct compression, they improve blood circulation and help the muscles to recover after training.

In terms of style, if you can, choose lifestyle leggings versatile, so that you don't feel naked and incoherent in your tight yoga, if you go from the yoga center directly to a café terrace with friends, or to the office.

  • Design

Many yoga pants for men and women now come with additional features such as key pockets, zippers, clasps. It might be useful for jogging, running or visiting the local cafe after practice, but without any interest for yoga practice.

  • Colors and patterns

The classic black yoga leggings might look boring, but there's a reason why this color is so prevalent in sportswear. The black hides the sweat. This is especially useful in hot yoga or yoga styles that leave yogis soaking wet at the end of class.

If you're tired of black, you can choose colorful ones, but synthetic leggings change color easily when wet and are prone to showing dark spots in your crotch and legs after practice.

Yoga leggings: perfect fit

Leggings need to be fitted. Your yoga practice should be a meditation, a moving connection with your inner self, a time to disconnect from the outside, freeing yourself from all sources of distractions. This cannot be achieved when your leggings are too tight, too long, too transparent or not breathable enough. It is absolutely necessary that you are super comfortable, free to move, both in the asanas and when singing mantras in the lotus position.

To respect this golden rule, your leggings should not be loose, they must be adjusted with a slight tightening at the knee, ankles and hips. good elasticity so that it is sufficiently stretch and gives freedom of movement while maintaining a fabric that respects your skin. It is also crucial that your yoga teacher can easily see your postures to correct alignments if necessary.

You have to feel it like a second skin and forget you're wearing it, to better focus on the practice.There should be no seam that chafes and digs into your skin, no muffin top on your waist

It must be stretchy and accompany all your movements. If you take breaks to adjust your slippery pants during the session, then they are too big.

A high waist will wrap and support the abdomen while slimming the shape.

Yoga Leggings: Styles and Names for Your Research

When you search for information on Google, it tries to match as closely as possible pages that respond coherently to the meaning of the words used. That's why you don't have all the choices available by typing only yoga leggings, you will only have yoga clothing online stores that use this term for their presentations. Here are other search terms recognized by google that we believe are suitable for the qualities of leggings that we recommend:

Short yoga leggings

They don't really have a feminine style or graceful, they are more cropped in spirit. These are legs stopping at the knees practical for a hot yoga, dynamic. their prices are generally cheap. You will find them in all materials and fabrics. A capri leggings has unequivocally more charm.

Skirted yoga yoga leggings - Yoga skirt leggings

Very feminine leggings with a attached skirt around the waist. Just make sure that the skirt isn't too wide so that it doesn't get in your way in inverted positions. A good skirt leggings should have the skirt that stops at the level of bottom of the buttocks, no more.

Seamless yoga leggings

Recommended for a dynamic yoga such as Ashtanga, addicted yoga, vinyasa, they are generally made in a very stretchy fabric, mixed cotton and polyamides and have good perspiration wicking.

Organic cotton yoga leggings

If it is 100% organic cotton, it will be suitable for the practice of gentle yoga, Natha yoga, Kundalini, recovery yoga and yin yoga if you don't sweat too much in holding stretches longer than in other yoga.

Vip yoga leggings

For those looking for the must-have, trendy and top brand of yoga clothing. The prices are very often exaggerated, but these renowned brands cannot afford to play with quality. At least you're sure of that.

Mandala yoga leggings

For lovers of mandalas, there are a multitude of patterns and designs for mandalas. Some are beautiful, bewitching, soothing and actually bring serenity when worn. Mandala sounds best with organic cotton, in the spirit of consistency, but the choice is yours.

High waist yoga leggings

The belt is wide, the happier the yogi is. Without disparaging leggings or yoga bottoms with a low waist, a wide waistband supports the mid-waist region, moves easily when you bend and do the transition in your practice. It fits perfectly to the waist and keeps you in place, it is quite simply ultra comfortable.

Thehigh waist yoga leggings has a cut designed for comfort while enhancing your feminine shapes in a sober and graceful style, its slender side refines your appearance in a feminine look, dynamic and sporty They have the advantages of sheathing leggings by abandoning the push side.

They are super comfortable and offer support at the waist while keeping you warm. Make sure that the wide belt can have two positions: high and low, so you can change the style whenever you want.

Organic cotton yoga leggings

Organic yoga clothes are sustainable.

The Asanas are standing or sitting postures that we must perform in order to practice finding inner calm in the effort to maintain the posture. It is the third of the eight limbs of the Yoga Sutras, the third stage of Ashtanga yoga or Raja yoga.

From a yogic point of view, it is essential to exercise with your body and to take care of it because it is the vehicle of our physical reality, the sacred temple. spirit. Bringing our attention to Him, going through Him to reach our spirit is one of the eight paths leading to our spiritual evolution. Practicing the asanas brings discipline and concentration which promotes the meditative state and the connection with Self.

Isn't it more resonant with the yoga mind, sweet to our bodiess and minds to engage in the demanding path of asanas in ethical clothing that respects the environment and our skin, the entrance to the temple.

The performance of asanas can be related to any sporting activity and any endurance sport, its form of physical activity can be intense and challenging. Deep stretching, extension, bend, twisting and inversion can push your body and clothes to their breaking point, the goal being to reach the threshold without crossing it while remaining focused in an alpha mode.

Organic Yoga Clothing holds up extremely well to the rigors of regular yoga practice. Even with workouts that feature the most demanding postures, the high quality organic yoga pants and tops will hold their shape allowing you to practice class after class. lessons with the same comfort.

Lower quality yoga equipment can stretch and deform around the knees, it can lose its shape and its elasticity and become loose and unattractive. Relying on yoga equipment at minimum price often means medium to low quality and in the majority of cases a material completely or with a high percentage of polyamides, nylon, polyester.

High quality organic yoga clothing is opaque and is designed to withstand rubbing on the mat and regular movement without compromise. It is an investment that is often less expensive than you would think for its obvious comfort in practice over the long term.

There is a major difference in the touch of the material and the feel of a garment made with a fabric rich in organic cotton and a hint of lycra for extensibility.

In addition to the soft and silky feel of the very breathable leggings, to be completely comfortable you have to feel its fabric like a second skin, and it is a of the main qualities of organic yoga leggings

Notice on seams

The quality of a legging is also measured by its seams, they must be applied, soft and solid at the crotch, resistant to friction without irritating the skin. The hems should be strong but not rough.

A zipper, buttons, pockets with zippers should be prohibited, they are distracting subjects and can potentially hurt you in your movements and twists.

Seamless yoga leggings are obviously even better, but you have to accept a small proportion of nylon and elastane.

Yoga Leggings: Design Reviews

Once all of these requirements are met, the focus shifts to design. And if you've walked into a yoga studio lately, it's obvious that design matters.

yoginis love them! A huge choice of leggings in the wardrobe of online stores, openwork leggings pants, colored, leopard, Push, in very contrasting colors.

Achamana has chosen to specialize in clean, feminine yet understated yoga clothing, working to make you radiate from within through the feeling of well-being and connection to the yoga spirit. Inspirational designs painted by hand, embroidered, or printed, the symbols Om, Lotus, Chakras, Flower of Life and mantra in Sanskrit puts you in a positive and calming energy to start your yoga session or for a meditation at home.

Yoga leggings: Price/quality comparison

An incredible diversity of qualities and prices! Price is something to consider in a world of yoga leggings where you find minimum prices and overpriced leggings with all kinds of fabric qualities synthetics more or less acceptable like polyester, vinyl, nylon, polyamide, spandex, elastane and even imitation leather or textiles more comfortable to wear and breathable like cottons, organic cotton, soft cotton, bamboo, viscose. All shapes of leggings add to the difficulty of choosing... too much is the enemy of good... high waisted yoga leggings, capris, long leggings, cropped trousers, short leggings, sexy with Push up cuts , in Mesh, mottled, slim fit

Not to mention the colors and patterns offered worthy of a beautiful rainbow! Printed leggings, animal print, zebra, floral print, turquoise, anthracite, unicoloured, two-coloured black and grey, fuchsia, fluo yellow, dark grey, polka dots...and I on the way. You can find transparent women's leggings that suggest your panties or opaque that are more suitable for yoga classPlain leggings , with stripesfitted cut, dressy, relaxed… STOP!... Wow enough to lose your Latin and make you miss the days of great outings shopping in town!

Price is generally synonymous with quality. Don't think that a 15 euro item can have the same quality as a 60, 80 or even 110 euro legging.

To understand if the higher price is justified, you have to look closely at the composition and description Is the fabric of better quality, made of natural materials, organic cotton or bamboo, does it combine Does it use polyamide materials in a minimum but sufficient proportion for elasticity and good perspiration wicking? Are the seams well stitched, strong, soft and durable? Is there a particular design, different designs that carry the vibration of well-being, are there embroideries?... The working conditions, the people who sew leggings get a living wage?

Yoga leggings - Ohm sign - Buddhist symbol: Achamana and his mission

Achamana naturally focused on yoga clothes that meet the demands of the practice and the legitimate desires of femininity for the modern woman who is active in the sobriety of the Sacred and spiritual energy.

Achamana's ultimate goal is to offer you the solution of an ethical eco-friendly yoga garment in technical fabrics wicking sweat with fitted fits and elegant. Comfort, ease and grace to elevate your experience during your yoga class while wearing price resistant yoga leggings, which cannot be low price or on sale due to noble materials used, but which remain affordable.

The highlight, in a technical aspect, of our yoga leggings is that they are thick enough to be worn without a long yoga top or shirt, yet breathable enough to wick away sweat and keep you cool while you practice yoga, pilates or your favorite sport.

Versatility is also a sought-after feature. You must be able to put on your yoga leggings and pair them with a pair of boots or boots with a t-shirt or sweatshirt when you leave the office for the yoga studio and vice versa. A yoga lifestyle sports outfit that will make you shine from within by illuminating those who meet you. They will be perfect in any occasion !

Feeling consistent with your practice while feeling beautiful and feminine brings joy to your inner self making you radiate from the outside... it is this endless loop that we are looking for