Eco-friendly yoga mat - Hemp and natural rubber

Organic yoga mat

100% organic carpet! Just like a burlap yoga mat , woven hemp is inserted on the surface of a natural rubber yoga mat . The rubber grips the ground, The soft hemp gives a good footing to your postures, massages reflexology points with excellent grip . Teco-friendly non-slip yoga mat . Soft, inspiring designs support you when the mind is about to let go.

100% Natural - 100% Organic

The combination of two ecological natural materials for a healthy and comfortable practice! Hemp is a fast-growing renewable plant that fights soil erosion and just like the rubber tree has an enormous capacity to capture carbon dioxide while being a leading socio-environmental agent. The weak point of the rubber tree is the negative impact on bio diversity that its large-scale mono-culture has, but all things considered, rubber remains, by far, more ecological and undoubtedly healthier for the environment. environment and our health than PVC, plastic, EVA foam or vinyl.

Guaranteed without any additives or carcinogenic and toxic materials. Free of phthalates, PVC and azo dyes - Designs engraved with eco-friendly water-based inks.

A hemp yoga mat inserted on a natural rubber mat by thermo-heating... That's it! but it's a lot!

Comfort - inspiration - Safety

A Sustainable Investment

A special, inspiring universe, yours. A connected lawn, super comfortable and safe.

Natural and eco-responsible

Natural surface with an incomparable touch!

Hemp, renewable, carbon dioxide absorber, regulates soil erosion and sustains a rural population Its cultivation requires no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Ecological and non-slip natural rubber

A dense and durable quality natural rubber. It won't fray! it does not bulge in the corners, does not warp and remains flat.

rubber is also an excellent carbon absorber and supports more than ten million people in rural Asia.

More details on the advantages of hemp and natural rubber in terms of socio-ecological impact, eco -responsibility, performance characteristics and natural well-being.

A high-end and Eco-friendly yoga mat

A durable rug that does not deform over time in use, which adheres to the floor and under your feet while being 100% natural to the touch!

This yoga mat from our pro range has an ideal thickness of 4.5mm to guarantee:

  • Optimum safety and comfort when performing asanas
  • Protecting your knees and joints
  • Balance preserved in postures
  • Softness and firmness

The natural rubber on the ground surface is dense and flexible at the same time. It accompanies your movements while being firm enough for a posture made in the rules of the art. The rubber compound adheres perfectly to the floor.

The canvas of Hemp mixed with a hint of cotton is naturally textured.The anti-slip work surface is coated with a neutral anti-slip film. A soft touch with a surprising grip and safe grip. Softness is a comfort for postures on the ground and it is necessary for a smooth transition of the postures of the Vinyasa performed. The sequence of asanas, the adjustment of your alignments are not blocked by too much grip.

A blend of softness, firmness and natural grip that provides a unique sensation of stability without effort.

It is perfect for yogis and yoginis with intensive or regular practice and will be a great motivation for beginners . It is suitable for all styles of yoga including Pilates.

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Non-slip natural rubber hemp yoga mat - Yogini in yoga posture in a lifestyle apartment - Achamana