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A pretty box for an inspiring discovery of purifying incense - Energetic cleansing & opening of the heart.

A nice gift for a loved one or yourself. A discovery of purifying incense in different forms. An inspiring box set to honor the plant soul of these sacred natural incenses.

A new house or a new office? Do you need to open your heart and mind for a meditation or yoga session? Can't get rid of a repetitive pattern of negative thoughts? Sweep away negative energies with this fumigation ritual that creates a space where positive energies work to heal people and places.

Enclosure Features:

  • 3 sticks of Apiana white sage - Diameter 2.5 to 3 cm - Length approximately 10 cm - Weight approximately 90 grams - Origin California - Burning time: Approximately 20 min, the stick can be used for several sessions since it turns itself off. Depending on your usage it is safe to say that the stick will last for 3-4 uses of approximately five minutes each.
  • 7 to 9 Palo Santo sticks - Thickness approx. 1 cm - Width approx. 2 cm - Length approx. 10 cm - Weight 90 grams - Origin Peru - Burning time: The stick goes out on its own after one to two minutes, so you have to turn it on again if you need to continue the session. Depending on your use, you will have to relight the stick two to three times per session and a stick can accompany you for about three to four sessions;
  • 12 Palo Santo cones - 100% Palo Santo sawdust compacted by mechanical pressure without additives - Base diameter approximately 2 cm - Height approximately 4 cm - Weight 30 grams - Origin Peru - Burning time 20 to 25 minutes, once lit it burns to the end.
  • 1 engraved bronze censer with grid for cones and resin grains - origin India

    Heart-opening incense

    We offer several types of boxes with a single incense or a combination of holy incense.

    Below are two chapters, common to all our boxes, dealing with the origins, tradition and how to use Palo Santo and White Sage. The Palo Santo cones being attached to Palo Santo wood but with a simpler use inspired by an incense stick and a sweeter aroma.

    These are rather long chapters to read which aim to introduce in detail these two purifying incenses to people who do not yet know them. But above all to emphasize the sacred character of these two natural incenses used for millennia by shamans and healers.

    From experience, I know that this awareness engenders respect, in everyone who knows, for the peoples and traditions who have transmitted their knowledge to us. It makes it understandable, legitimate and natural, to connect to the vegetable soul of these two sacred essences during the ritual and to thank her at the end.


    2/ CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE (Salvia Apiana)


    Cleanse your energy, find calm, deepen your connection to the earth with Palo Santo wood

    Palo Santo is one of the most fragrant woods of the world. Its aroma has been a harbinger of healing and good fortune for centuries. Shamans, Healers and those seeking a stronger spiritual connection to the world and grounding in consciousness with the earth use the palo santo to protect, experience and heal

    The remarkable mission of Palo Santo is to transmute bad energies and bring protection, blessing and well-being

    • Gender: Yang
    • Planet: Mercury
    • Element: Air
    • Powers: happiness, blessing, attraction, success, health, balance, purification
    • Aroma: a subtle reminder of myrrh and Armenian paper. It is woody but specific, sweet but powerful. A subtle blend of incense, cedar, sweet grass, lemony citrus, eucalyptus enhanced by a hint of mint .

    Origins of Palo Santo wood

    Palo Santo is the name given to the wood of "Bursera graveolens" originating in South America, especially from Peru and Ecuador. This wood is highly valued by the indigenous populations of these countries as incense and call it Palo santo "Sacred Wood" .

    Bursera is part of the "Zygophyllaceae" family with the particularity of being very rich in resin, it grows wild, especially in tropical areas.

    Graveolens is a descriptive species name, it means "strongly fragrant" so that already gives a hint.

    • climb: strong / heavy
    • olere: smell)

    It is only through the translation of the Spanish name Palo Santo "Sacred Wood" that one becomes aware of the power conferred on him.

    The ancestral use of a magic wood and a purifying incense

    For centuries, indigenous peoples of the Andes have used palo santo for spiritual purification and energetic cleansing, including the Inca and Mayan chamans . It is present in religious and spiritual rituals and is still used by healers and shamans to ayahuasca ceremonies.

    In traditional South American folk medicine, Palo Santo was also used for a variety of ailments, especially colds, stomach aches, and skin diseases. In addition, it is also said to have analgesic properties for headaches and inflammations, as well as antimicrobial properties. It can be used either as an essential oil or as a tea, which is boiled with fine slivers of wood.

    The democratization of the use of Palo Santo

    The use of the power of the Palo Staffs, in a process of spiritual and energetic healing, is perpetuated by the Shamanss but also by therapists and practitioners of holistic medicine.

    It is not reserved for an initiated elite, its benefits are also at the service of ""normal"" people in everyday life.

    Elevation is for all beings in their day-to-day lives and my sticks offer them access to better focus, openness to relaxation, and meditation.

    In everyday life, it drives out bad energy from people and places and attracts positive energy . Its aroma accompanies you further in spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation.Its captivating scent calms your emotions and soothes the torments of the mind, It opens you up to clarity, creativity, concentration and serenity

    A every time you light one of his sticks, a journey begins. Let yourself be penetrated by its woody and suave essence, let yourself be carried away, listen to its soul, welcome the blessing.

    Keep in mind to feel, in the background, your Presence, because you also have your part to do. Calmness, relaxation, well-being can only manifest with total letting go and a clear intention.

    His missions:

    • Connecting your senses to your mind. Somehow, the Soul that expresses itself through fire takes you by the hand and opens the doors to your inner self which will lead you to the Divine.
    • transmuting heavy energies into Light, It is often called the purifier, the cleaner of bad energies. It cleans, purifies, polishes, soothes everything in you and around you so that you can finally see and connect to the nectar of yourself.
    • To anesthetize various physical ailments, the Criollo Indians also use my medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. They relieve ear infections by blowing me into the patient's ear.
    • It is also a mosquito repellent, relieves stomach or muscle pain, skin and muscle problems and heals wounds.
    • Create a relaxing atmosphere made of tenderness and gentleness, which can be very intimate.

    The essential benefits of Palo Santo

    1. Spiritual purification and energy cleansing: Visiting people in your place of life, negative emotions, an argument... charges rooms and beings with bad energy. Walk around with the Glowing Palo Staff through negatively charged rooms. Direct the smoke using your hand or a feather around people, plants or objects that need to be purified. Invoke the plant spirit of Palo Santo to cleanse and energize.

    2. Creativity, Clarity & Focus: Palo Santo is characterized by its powerful aroma inspiring creativity and promoting focus. It opens the heart and the path to intuition. Burn palo santo sticks for rituals that will welcome creativity, love, and protective energy into your space. You will feel your heart open with a sense of positivity and joy.
    3. Developing a deeper connection to the divine source: If meditation is yin, palo santo is yang. Its uplifting scent is the perfect partner for your meditation practice. Raise your vibration, and discover peace and grounding as you sink into a deeper connection with the Earth and your inner consciousness, your Presence. Perfect for working on your heart chakra ""Anahata"" and the root chakra ""Muladhara"".
    4. Paramedical and digestive aid: Palo santo can help relieve ailments from colds and flu. It decreases anxiety, depression, and works against headaches and emotional trauma. Palo santo tea (made by simmering the wood in hot water) acts as a natural digestive aid. The wood also contains high concentrations of limonene, which is believed to help prevent various cancers.
    5. Energy protection and elimination of negativity: Palo santo transmutes heavy energies into Light, creating a calmer and more tranquil space.Set an intention on what you want to clear from your space, then move from corner to corner, clearing any negative energy, uplifting your spirit and filling your home with the new energetic vibration
    6. Long-term travel companion: You can also take it with you on trips and purify the hotel rooms you stay in, for a more peaceful, deep and restorative rest.
    7. Recognized clearing and charging tools for crystals: The stones we carry also charge us with their particular positive vibrations and protect us by trapping energy negative that is in us. Like all sentient beings, crystals need to be cleansed and purified to free themselves from accumulated bad energies and regain their full protective potential. to maintain their best qualities. Practicing smudging every 2-3 days for your rose quartz, amethyst, jasper, citrine or other crystal types is a great way to keep your crystals at their true power. t13>
    8. Soothing the Mind and Mental Disorders: The symptoms and causes of depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances are complex. Palo santo wood does not claim to be a cure, but a purification practice within a larger, holistic healing plan can provide some relief. It is aromatherapy, releasing a soothing scent into the olfactory and limbic systems of the body and brain, creating a sense of relaxation and calm.
    9. Mosquito Repellent: Palo Santo smoke offers the added benefit of repelling mosquitoes in a natural, harmless way in the summer. It contains volatile oils and aromatic resins that sound the alarm to insect pests, but without the harsh chemicals of common insect repellents.

    How is Palo Santo wood harvested?

    Our Palo Santo sticks come exclusively from dead branches, dead wood and trees that die naturally. During this process of decomposition, the tree is compressed, secreting its oil and acquiring its medicinal and aromatic properties. The tree remains unharvested for three to four years. Cutting down a Palo Santo tree without the decay process will not provide the same benefits.

    Buy and use Palo Santo sustainably

    The Palo Santo has been a victim of its aroma, very popular for making fruit crates, especially for mangoes to which it gives a particular taste. To do this, healthy tree felling is necessary. As human drift grew, growing demand became intolerable, Bursera graveolens became a protected species.

    Only fallen branches can be harvested and it is, for what interests us, that after a few years the wood develops its ethereal qualities. However, we must be aware that there are still illegal logging operations in South America and the country least affected by this calamity remains Peru.

    The Palo Santo in all its forms, sold by Achamana, comes from stakeholders who are members of the Peruvian national reforestation program which includes an ecological component and a social component for the rural communities.

    As the preservation laws for this essence become more and more strict and the demand still active, you may come across substitute products Mainly Paraguay and Argentina have taken over the legendary name Palo santo for an essence that does not is not from Palo Santo but from the same botanical family. This essence is not controlled or protected nor does it have the remarkable effects or aroma of Palo Santo.

    Always make sure the Latin name is specified Bursera graveolens.

    How to use the Palo Santo?

    • Light the Palo Santo stick using a lighter or a match
    • Let the rod catch fire
    • Let the flame build for about 30 seconds to a minute
    • As soon as the end is sufficiently incandescent, like a small glowing ember, extinguish the flame with a wave of your hand, or by shaking it.
    • Then let yourself be intoxicated by the thick smoke and its magical smell
    • Say in a low or loud voice ""I call on the Plant Spirit of the Palo Santo to fill this room with protection and blessing""

    After feeling the wave of well-being it offers you, don't forget to give thanks. Thank your spirit, thank Life, thank the Universe.

      Precautions: As with all incense, you should only use Palo Santo in ventilated rooms or outdoors.

      In the presence of children or animals, it is best to avoid the smoke.

      The medicinal and ethno-pharmaceutical properties of Palo Santo are recognized, but it can in no way be subject to self-predication. Only insiders know the dosages and have the expertise to use it in a physical healing process.

      This description is a summary information of the use of the Palo Santo but it is in no way medical advice and has no legitimacy in this sense.

      CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE (Salvia Apiana)

      Mostly grown in high desert ecosystems, this evergreen shrub was well known to Native Americans and is used for its healing properties to drive away negative spirits and bad energies.

      For thousands of years, smoke, vapor, herbs and incense have been used by different cultures to connect humans with the etheric world. Dried white sage, in particular, has been used by Native American shamans for several millennia in rituals to purify all bad energy, anger, disease and conflict.

      White sage draws negative energy into its smoke and dissipating it clears the energy field of the person or place.

      Some ideal times to perform rituals:

      The smoke of white sage has the power to clear your mind and allow you to instantly have a better peaceful connection with yourself and your environment.

      A fumigation session of white sage will, for example, be very effective for:

      • A new residence
      • Starting a new job or business
      • Before and after a client enters your home
      • Before a meditation, yoga or energy work session
      • When you get home after a stressful or frustrating day
      • After an argument or disagreement.
      • Purify a room where a sick person has stayed

      How to use a White Sage "Smudge" stick?

      • Light your white sage smudge:
      • Let the Sage burn for about 30 seconds before extinguishing the flame either by blowing on it or by shaking it quite vigorously
      • The flame gives way to a thick and very fragrant smoke
      • Walk around the room and direct the smoke with your hand into every nook and cranny.
      • If you are working on a person, start at the top of the head by rotating the stick and the smoke clockwise and work down to the feet.
      • The sage goes out on its own, if you want to prolong it, blow gently on the embers (watch out for possible bursts) or relight it with a match.
      • After use, always place the sage stick in a fireproof container.
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