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Flawless posture support and facilitator, 100% natural and inspiring!

Many practitioners may have complexes imagining using yoga props that help support postures. Yet tools that can not only make the asanas more accessible for beginners, but also deepen postures for more advanced practitioners is a useful and valuable commodity.

Yoga Wheels mainly work the flexibility of the spine for postures that involve leaning back.

The straps support and emphasize muscle stretching. They allow you to hold postures without having to force while respecting the good behavior of the body. They are often used as an extension of the arms.

yoga blocks are accessories that allow you to work on your flexibility gently and without forcing.

Their main assets:

  • Build upper body strength
  • Practice proper alignment
  • Protect and strengthen weak wrists
  • Deepen the poses

Why a cork yoga brick

Cork is a natural and ecological material which is lighter and much less slippery than wood. Cork Yoga Blocks are always durable and sturdy, and they won't give way when pressed.

Compared to wooden ones, cork yoga blocks are not as smooth and can have a somewhat chipped texture. Thanks to this, they are comfortable to grip, non-slip even when wet and easy to stack on top of each other.

The downside is that due to its porous surface, cork is more difficult to clean than foam or wood. It absorbs moisture and sweat, which can compromise the integrity of the block. If you buy poor quality cork yoga blocks, they may start to crumble on the corners.

Our cork has been selected for its premium quality and perfect compactness.

Cork yoga blocks generally require more care as they absorb more moisture and sweat than wood or foam. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth and dry them thoroughly. To remove any stains, add white vinegar, soap or baking soda to water to create an organic cleaning solution. Do not use harsh chemicals on the cork material.

Laser Engraved Mandala Design

The mandala is engraved using a laser process without any additives or other materials.

A spiritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, the mandala is a representation of the Universe, with an inner and outer world. The translation of mandala in Sanskrit is "Circle", just like the universe, it has no beginning and no end.

Mandalas are present in many civilizations and mark the expression of the universe in all manifestations of nature.

Also used for meditation, the mandala connects us to the best part of ourselves and opens the way to the perfect self.

The circles of a mandala always bring attention back to its center which is, here, the Ohm symbol.
Its radiance is circular, it goes up to the limit of the circle and then returns to its center. This perpetual motion anchors a renewed energy. The sacred perimeter which delimits this permanent energy flow, isolates and protects from the outside world like an impassable barrier.


  • Material: 100% harvested cork
  • Design: Laser Engraved Mandala
  • Thickness: 7cm
  • Width: 14.5cm
  • Length: 22.5cm
  • Weight: 750 grams
  • Rounded edges

What is a yoga block and what is it used for?

Yoga blocks are probably the most essential yoga props used to facilitate or add challenge to poses, help with alignment and release tension They are made of sturdy materials such as foam, cork, wood or bamboo and often have the shape of rectangular bricks.

That said, yoga blocks these days come in all shapes and sizes and can take the shape of an egg, a cube, or even a half moon.

Yoga blocks became popular after the 1970s when BKS Iyengar (founder of the Iyengar style of yoga) incorporated props such as blocks, straps, blankets into yoga classes. The main goal of Iyengar was to make the asanas more accessible to students of different ages and to help them perform the poses correctly while minimizing injury.

What are the benefits of a yoga brick and how do I use it?

Used well, a brick allows you to achieve the "perfect" posture and thus anchor the correct positioning so that later it is no longer necessary.

The yoga brick is a facilitator in performing asanas. It supports flexibility deficiencies by allowing you to extend your body to be able to correctly perform "unattainable" postures, at the moment, by promoting the comfort of a smooth work.

Freed from sources of distraction related to pain and the stress of holding the posture itself, this support allows, by facilitating the position, to have a better concentration on breathing. The good realization of an asana is essential but does not go without the exercise of pranayama, one does not go without the other. This is why the blocks are a significant asset for a beginner.

Add length

One of the simplest functions of the yoga block is to decrease the distance between you and the ground and therefore facilitate and modify yoga poses according to your level of flexibility.

For example, if you can't (yet!) touch your toes in the forward bend, placing your hands on the yoga block will relieve tension in your lower back by shifting some of your body weight upwards. your hands.

Preventing injuries

Yoga blocks provide extra support for your tight hips and knees and help prevent injury.

For example, sitting on the block in "hero's pose" (Virasana) will spare you the uncomfortable feeling in your knees while gently stretching your thighs. By changing the height of the block, you can work at your own pace and progress to the perfect asana without wasted effort and risk of injury.

Achieve good alignment habits

If you can't breathe properly in the pose and feel uncomfortable, then it has no beneficial effect. Again, the yoga blocks will come to your rescue by supporting your alignment.

Take Side Angle Pose (Parsvakonasana), for example.

This is a great full-body exercise that promotes strength, flexibility, balance, and elongation of the spine. However, the full pose, where one hand touches the floor and the upper arm forms a straight line from toes to fingertips, is difficult for most people to achieve.

Many of us don't have enough flexibility to perform the full expression of the pose, resulting in sagging chest and rounded shoulders

By placing your lower hand on the yoga block, you can still reap the benefits of the pose while maintaining spinal integrity and an open-fronted body.

Add support

Yoga blocks are useful props to improve your balance and build strength for more advanced positions.

The crow position (Bakasana), for example. This arm balance pose requires solid upper body and core strength. But for beginners, it can be daunting to lift their feet even if they have enough strength.

To build confidence, you can place the block under your feet and continue lifting one foot at a time. You can also always place the block under the forehead for extra support.

Using the yoga blocks, you can progress at your own pace and advance asanas when you are ready.

Activate the muscles and add challenges

Are you a flexible yogi who has been practicing for years? You can still reap tons of benefits by including yoga blocks in your yoga routine.

Blocks work great for muscle activation and to add a little burn to common yoga poses.

For example, hold a block between your knees to activate your inner thighs and keep your legs from spreading apart.

You can also hold the blocks in your hands during standing asanas, such as Warrior II or Warrior III. The heavier the block, the more intense the practice and the greater the benefits for you.

Blocks are also a great aid in deepening your stretch, allowing you to get to the next level faster.

Tips for using a yoga block

Any beginner will tend to lean on the brick with their full weight, viewing it as a crutch. It is not its attribute though, it plays the role of extending your body to allow you to carefully balance the posture in the best condition, but it should not become part of the production.

So you don't have to get used to this support, it's a subtle support that is intended to be ephemeral. It is therefore desirable to have the assistance of applied advice for the proper use of a yoga block by a teacher or a confirmed practitioner.

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