The reasons why we chose Achamana's yoga clothes

Logo Yoga chez moiYogaChezMoi was created in 2012 by Charlotte Saint Jean to address the lack of yoga teachers and studios and help a French-speaking community that wanted t19>practice yoga but who didn't know where or with whom. Everything was missing, teachers at the yoga center, yoga clothes, mats and accessories to practice. Not quite a decade later, access to yoga is much easier and is beginning to appeal to many men. I am sorry for the lack of proposals for men's yoga clothing on the market and in response to numerous requests for advice and guidance in finding it, I have selected Achamana's clothing. Selection according to specific criteria; Ethics - Materials used: natural as much as possible - Performance - Aesthetics and yogis spirit.

This charter has always been that of YogaChezMoi and that will not change. It is because Achamana is in this spirit, that it finally offers outfits for men with durable models designed especially for doing yoga that Charlotte Saint Jean , founder of YogaChezMoi and her entire team chose it.

Discount negotiated by YogaChezMoi

We have negotiated a 10% discount for your first order!

To benefit from it enter the code "yogachezmoi" on the payment page.

Men's yoga clothing: YCM selection

This is the selection of YogaChezMoi that I recommend to yogis who follow us, you can look at their other models by clicking on the button below.

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