Apiana White Sage Set of 3 - 5 or 12 Smudges

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White Sage "Salvia Apiana" is native to the coastal mountains of California. Sage is one of the most sacred herbs found among the indigenous peoples of North America, but also in all ancient cultures.

What is White Sage and where does it come from?

Native American White Sage is a plant that grows wild in the southwestern United States, primarily in California and northwestern Mexico . Its size can reach more than a meter high and its leaves are whitish with very particular bluish tones.

Its scientific name is Salvia Apiana; it comes from the Latin "salvare" (to heal). In Celtic Europe, it was used by the druids to increase their wisdom and in their rituals of healing and protection. In America, many Native American cultures on the west coast of the United States purified the body and the spirit with its great power, they burned it and the resulting white smoke was used to bless and purify the both people and places. Finally, white sage is a recognized medicinal plant.

It is one of the most used medicinal plants in the world of natural medicine, for its benefits and the absence of contraindications. Its cleansing and purifying power is enormous.

Sage fumigation is used in purification rituals, "sahumerio". The shamans say that the smoke picks up the negative energy of the person, place, plant or healing stone, and cleanses it so that it is transmuted into positive energy.

In its role of purification, improvement of sensations and well-being, Native American white sage is very powerful.

Its history through time

Sage and its history in traditions

Smoke Cleansing is an ancient practice of clearing a space with the smoke of plants. Although often erroneously attributed exclusively to the practice of indigenous peoples of North America, smudging has been around for thousands of years and was not only used for spiritual. It turns out that one of the biggest benefits of smudging is most often overlooked: It's good for your health.

Among the Native Americans of South America

It is omnipresent in the purification and healing ceremonies that Native Americans have celebrated for centuries. The burning and smoking of this plant was so common to initiate rituals, its purifying power so unmistakably present that it had become a beneficial companion in everyone's daily life.

Traditionally, North American Indians burned it in a shell, which represented water. Charcoal and glowing sage representing fire, and the resulting uniquely flavored white smoke symbolizing wind. Man was the earth and the union of all the ingredients formed the fifth element, the spirit.

For these tribes, the white sage was a sacred plant, and when it was burned during their ceremonies, the white sage smoke 'it gave off was used to purify both their physical and emotional bodies, as well as living places and objects

Today, we know that these binders have health properties highly valued by many specialists in natural medicine, who have observed the much greater potential than the purifying power attributed to them by oldest inhabitants of the North American tribes.

The place and role of white sage in other traditions

The use of herbal smoke and white sage incense to clear the air of unwanted impurities, negative energies, or to evoking spirits, has been practiced worldwide by almost every race, creed and religion since the very beginning, and many still use plant smoke today, not only for spiritual practice, but also for health.

Modern studies have shown that burning offering plant smoke (which is not always white sage can significantly reduce the amount of pathogens and bacteria in the air, up to 94%.

The benefits of a magic plant

The benefits of Sage fumigation, the power of a magical plant

Each tradition has its own wisdom and uses of sage for ceremonial purposes. Sage is used to harmonize, cleanse or repel vibrationss or negative emotions, both inside and outside of us- themselves, as well as in our homes, bedrooms, offices, or any other structure in which we live.

We also use it to clean our auras, when we are having a "bad day" or when we are living in stressful situations.

Sage emits negative ions, just like a waterfall, a river or a fountain. When we are close to moving water, we always have the impression of being cleaner, of being clean from within. This is explained by the accumulation of positive ions in the air which are in contact with our physical body but also with our aura. These positive ions are energy pollution and make us feel weak, tired. In the smoke there is a generation of negative ions that balance and are very beneficial to our mood by mitigating certain conditions that develop in an environment with poor air quality (asthma, allergies, nausea, headaches. ..).

The Benefits of Burning White Sage

What are the benefits of burning Native American white sage?

Most of the medicinal properties are found in its offshoots, which absorb the energy of the sun and produce a large amount of essential oils that flavor the plant.

The burnt white sage give off a very pleasant aroma, providing a feeling of well-being, peace and good energy accompanied by a marked improvement in sensations.

The use of Sage or Palo Santo incense is particularly useful during times of great change in our lives, when we may find ourselves intoxicated by stagnant energies or negative and obsolete thought patterns But the use of natural plants has greater power through the act of fumigation, because of involvement and interaction. A stick of sage incense burns on its own, it will offer a pleasant smell, invigorating and peaceful to living areas. For a purification of places, objects, chasing away negative energies, white sage incense is not enough, the connection in consciousness with the purifying plant spirit is necessary. For this, fumigation requires vigilance and action, therefore presence in intentions and prayers.

Salvia Apana, the white one, is a very powerful plant for the purification of places, protection and renewal at all levels.

How to use it ?

How to use White Sage?

Once you have lit the White Sage Leaves, you must not extinguish them or blow them out, you must let the Fumigation Stick go out on its own- same.

In purification ritualsn, the plant spirit of burnt white sage knows "how much negativity" or positive ions are present and it will extinguish itself in consequence.

This is where the ion neutralization will begin, so let it wear itself out.

If you want to learn to read smoke, it's apparently easy, when something is out of balance, sage smoke is a bit heavy, thick and charged, on the contrary, when a person, house or room is in harmony, the smoke is fine and light.

The meaning that healers give to thick or heavy smoke is that this smoke is necessary to neutralize and harmonize the ions.

Under no circumstances should you turn it off suddenly, the plant spirit of sage is aware and you have decided to call on it, it must turn itself off.

A few recommendations:

Always have a heatproof container to put the White Sage Leaves where the Sage Stick is lit. If you perform the ritual without a shell, especially in a closed space, watch out for splinters and sparks.

Ceremonial purification by fumigation

Sage is an honest plant used in ceremonies to purify energies, feelings or influences, and also to keep spaces clean from outside influences in the area where a ceremony is taking place.

In some traditions, the ground of the temazcal is covered in sage and participants rub the leaves on their bodies while sweating.

In ceremonies such as the Sun Dance, sage wreaths are made and bracelets are worn by Sun Dancers.

Sage is used in various ceremonies and traditions in North America, from Mexico to Alaska.

Let's not forget to pay homage to the traditions of these extraordinary shamanic cultures, Fumigation is not a fashionable trend, it must be done with respect for the spirit of the plant but also in respect for the spirits who have used it in conscience.

Purification of a room with a sage stick

Keep the windows and doors of the room you have chosen to smoke closed

Summon the plant spirit and ignite the fumigation stick, starting in one corner of the room and slowly working your way up from floor to ceiling

Do this clockwise in each corner of your room. When you've completed the fourth corner, go to the center of the room, lift the bundle of sage, and let the smoke float in the center of the room.

The cleaning is done, when you leave the room, close the door and when you come back later, you will see that the room gives off a light and pleasant energy with a subtle and invigorating smell. At this point, open the windows and give thanks.

Purification of a house

Repeat the same instructions for each room or area of ​​your living space, from the garage to the attic, just keep the doors closed so the smoke doesn't escape.

Vibrate in the present moment and become aware of the work that the spirit of sage is doing for you, remember that it is present and aware. You must therefore honor and thank him at all times.

purify oneself

Just like with the Palo Santo, we will ask the plant spirit of sage, when it moves over us, to cleanse our aura, to keep us apart and protect us from all harm. We light the sage bundle and with our hands we can draw the smoke towards us, without falling into exaggeration, we can ask to clean our mind, our body and so we align with our spirit.


  • Handmade smudge bundle 3 - 5 or 12 pieces
  • Unit weight: about 30 grams or about 90 grams for three smudges
  • Burn time per purifying incense stick: depending on your use, around 5 to 6 sessions of 5 min
  • Origin: California
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