Ajna Chakra: "Agya"

Knowledge chakra - located between the eyebrows, or "third eye" - indigo color        

Agya = mastery, knowledge

Agya Chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, between the two eyebrows. It is for this reason that it is also called “third eye”. The Agya Chakra is the center of clarity and wisdom. It forms the boundary between human and divine consciousness. It is the meeting point between the three main Nadis, Ida (Nadilunaire), Pingala (Nadisolar) and Sushumna (central Nadi). When the energy of these three Nadis unites in this center and rises higher, we experience Samadhi, the state of Supreme Consciousness.

Ajna mantra

His Mantra is OM. Even if still without its definition altering, Ajna Chakra is very often represented by the color indigo, its color is smoky white. Its element is the element of spirit, Anupada Tattva. Her symbol is a white Shiva Lingam which represents creative consciousness. From this Chakra, there is no more animal symbol. At this level, only pure and divine human qualities remain.

Ajna chakra: its representation and symbol

In the symbolic representation of Agya Chakra, there is a lotus with two petals which indicate that in this center there are "only two levels of consciousness left": Atma (the Self) and Paramatma (God) . The Deities of Agya Chakra are Shiva and Shakti united in one form. This means that in this chakra, consciousness and nature are already united, but have not yet completely merged into total unity.

Ajna chakras: its qualities

The qualities of this Chakra are Unity (Ekata), Emptiness (Shunya), Truth (Sat), Consciousness (Chit), and Bliss (Ananda). The "eye of knowledge" opens within and we contemplate the reality of the Self - hence the term "third eye" which is an attribute of the Lord Shiva. Agya Chakra is the seat of the “Inner Master”. It indicates that wisdom and knowledge are realized in all actions. The egocentric intellect has submitted to the superior, ethical and reasonable power of discrimination (Viveka). But a blockage in this Chakra has the opposite effect and diminishes the power of contemplation and discrimination, resulting in confusion.

We can't explain, on our own, better than the venerable Vishwaguruji. Explanations from the article "yogaindailylife"

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